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Some medicines may interfere with anesthesia and cause undesirable side effects that can affect your surgery. Aspirin , Ibuprofen , Vitamin E and any other drug containing these derivatives should be suspended for at least two weeks before surgery and two weeks thereafter . Smoking can affect healing. It is very important that you stop smoking 4 weeks before surgery. If you develop a cold or other illness facial injury before surgery , please notify .


Wash your hair and your face with isodine shampoo, do not use any conditioner or hair spray after washing , in the event of body lift lather all over with isodine shampoo . Achieve a good night's rest. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.


Arrive at the surgery center to the time specified by your doctor . Do not eat or drink anything if surgery is arranged to before noon . If your surgery is scheduled for the evening you can have coffee , tea and dry toast six hours before surgery. Do not use wigs, hairpins , makeup, nail polish or jewelry . Wear loose , comfortable clothing used . Do not use pantyhose , wear shoes easy fit . Have someone drive you to your surgery and make sure that a responsible adult is available to drive you home and be with you for 24 hours. Have a pillow and a blanket in the car for the ride home .


Wash your hair two or three days after surgery , first with isodine shampoo and then rinse it with commonly used Check that your output is delivered to him the formula and the appointment of his control. For two months to avoid exposure to cigarette smoke . Avoiding physical sport activity . Use sunscreen to protect the skin after 15 days of surgery . Notify physician if bleeding , fever, uncontrolled pain with analgesics recommended . Avoid sun exposure during the first two months after surgery Your point is very important to control postoperative care.