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Is indicated when breast size is increased and it bears no proportion to biotype female relationship. Patients who present with significant breast hypertrophy (large breasts) often report a history of physical dissatisfaction mainly concerning the osteoarticular system of the spine, also show feelings of inferiority, and have difficulties with social acceptance. Here are listed the signs and symptoms of this condition. Pre -menstrual breast - Pain. - Supraclavicular - Bad posture deformity. - Decreased flexibility. - Pain in the vertebrae - Dermatitis - Headache - column Scoliosis , kyphosis ( spinal alignment ) - Excessive sweating between the breasts and chest discomfort All these can be resolved with surgery. What are the causes? The causes are genetic and abnormal mammary response to an abnormal amount of circulating estrogen cell receptors, is also prevalent in certain ethnic groups compared to others. The breast reduction surgery is also accompanied by rising since the weight of large breasts makes supporting structures lose their ability to support and breasts fall, because it is also necessary to lift the bust. There are different techniques and all are directed to achieve optimal outcomes and favorable benefits in terms of shape, volume and proper position. Sensitivity functions and breastfeeding will be preserved in the process.