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Increased Gluteus

The surgery is intended to address the absence or decreased projection, shape and volume of the gluteus (buttocks). Buttock augmentation is a procedure that is effective in both primary and secondary surgeries with excellent results in both cases. Also it treats flabby buttocks with congenital or acquired deformities. The volume and shape of the buttocks are agreed between the surgeon and the patient. There are several techniques for increasing gluteoplasty ; which can be implants , autologous fat ( of the same person ) or with some fillers such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, because these are the only substances that are biologically derived and reduce deformities or cellular alterations to long term, use is permitted by the FDA. Be careful and only use substances that are medically proven to avoid boundary defects, infections, fistulas or granulomas which are caused by prohibited substances and are sometimes improperly applied. For the reasons described before the best options are the use of fat from the same patient or the use of buttock implants which have proven effectiveness and good results. It is a safe surgery, offering beauty to the buttocks and natural results. In most cases this procedure can be combined with liposuction of the area or other body areas, thus creating a better contour and shape. In this as in any other procedure, patienta are prescribes antibiotics to prevent infections, and with painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills to make surgery a more rewarding experience with no signs of acute or chronic pain . The post-surgical process is as important as the surgery and is extremely important to follow all of your surgeon's recommendations.