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Surgery to rejuvenate the face and neck is aimed at palliating the signs of aging of the face and neck region and obtain a bright and harmonious result in all areas of the face and neck. Over the years there is an increase in the laxity of the facial and cervical soft tissues, with bone resoption (decreased bone density) of varying degree, causes: - Redundancy dermograso facial skin and tissue. , Atrophy of subcutaneous fat. Attenuation of muscle - Apo neurotic system surface. -Loss of bone density. The above changes are linked to a deterioration of the dermal epidermal superficial level, delivery of the furrows, drooping eyebrows and cheeks, plasma bands (cords that appear in the neck). As a result we have a cervicomental angle (from the chin to the base of the neck) and obtuse appearing accumulation of fat called prominent chin. Usually excess skin appears on the eyelids with bulging fat pads giving an appearance of tired and aged look. The presence of this leads us to a careful analysis of each case, to well analyzs and prepare the surgery and get younger, harmonious faces. This is achieved with the restructuring of the superficial and deep tissues with an emphasis on getting a natural face and avoiding the appearance of dive mask that resulted from ancient techniques of facelift. If you take into account all affected structures your face will look fresh attached to a chic facial and cervical (neck) that is unsurpassed by any other cosmetic procedure. Sometimes surgery is combined with facial filler procedures and muscle relaxation as well as demabrasion surface and complementary topical treatments but not in substitution for surgery.